A Winning Approach

GARMNT Apparel started out of the demand for quality custom apparel in our local community. From there we grew with each job as our product improved and our services increased. One thing remained the same from the beginning and that is our unwavering dedication to the final result. We have always focused on making every piece with high standards as if we were to wear the item ourselves. To this day we remain the top choice for premium apparel and we’re excited our next order.

Fashion is about something that comes from within you


Our Values

We believe that quality apparel is important in the way you live and work. You demand fashionable clothing for yourself so theres no reason your brand or business should offer anything less. Be a part of something that people will want to wear.



What sets us apart is using the highest quality apparel sourced from companies we truly believe in.



Work with us to use your existing graphics or make something new and fresh. Our design team is available.



If you need help selling your clothing to distributing it, we have options available. Shipping anywhere in North America.

Our Story

The beginning

We started out as three individuals with previous careers in the fashion industry so it made sense to start a company together. From owning clothing stores, sports stores, and graphic design companies, we had all the bases covered. Quality sourced clothing, modern design, and innovative production techniques would be the main pillars of our brand.

Growing with the times

As we moved forward we realized early our successes and failures which led to improvements with printing techniques and design trends.  Our connections with suppliers increased in a way we can access the newest products faster than before.

New Generation

Change is never painful, only the resistance to change is painful. We’ll never stop looking for the newest products and technology to use for our apparel. W also maintain high standards of ethical sourcing to make sure we don’t contribute to labor exploitation or harm to the environment.

We can help you with any project